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Thermarest ProLite Sleeping Pad

A comfortable sleeping pad that does the job.

Name: Thermarest ProLite Sleeping Pad


  • Weight: 11/ 16/ 22 oz (S/ R/ L)

  • Length: 47/ 72/ 77 inches long

  • Thickness: 1 inch

  • R-value: 2.4

  • Shape: Semi-rectangular/ Mummy

  • Type: Open-cell foam

  • MSRP: $80-110

What I Like:

  • Weight: The short size pad is very lightweight! Even the regular size, at 1 lb is a decent weight for a backpacking sleeping pad.

  • Warmth: I've used this pad in warm conditions, and my family/ friends have used it in colder conditions (high 20s - low 30s) without complaint.

  • Comfort: This pad is ok in terms of comfort level. I would recommend it for back or stomach sleepers only. Side sleepers will want more padding.

What I Don't Like:

  • "Self-inflating": I have not had luck actually getting this thing to self-inflate. And, if you arrive to camp late and want to go right to bed, you're going to have to blow into it anyways.

  • Packability: Compared to my NeoAir XLite, this is not as packable because of the foam inside, but it will pack down if you wrestle with it.


Overall, this is a very decent pad for the price. It will suit people well in 3 seasons. For myself, it has ended up in my "loaner gear" pile that I let friends and family members use if they don't have a pad. I prefer to use my NeoAir XLite because it is lighter and warmer and more comfortable than this pad.