A New Year in the Outdoors

We’re now a full month into the new year, and I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot since I finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Partly because the holidays and work were a little crazy, and partly because I was feeling a little uninspired and removed from the outdoors since coming back home.

I’m hoping to grow this blog more in the coming year: more gear reviews, more trail journals, and more photography, possibly debuting a print shop by the end of the year. I have lots of goals for myself this year in numerous categories: personal health, photography, this website, work, trips, finance, and more. It is silly to think that I will accomplish all of these things, but I’m going to try, while remaining balanced.


Why does this matter here? Well, this is my blog, so I get to write what I want, but also, it will impact the content that I am putting out. In addition to all of the goal categories I listed above, a big goal of mine for this year, in the effort of balance, is to do 1 “outdoorsy” thing per month. Coming off hiking every day for 5 months was weird, and I had a hard time transitioning into a more “weekend warrior” model. And with working retail, it feels impossible to actually use my Saturdays and Sundays to their fullest extent. So instead of putting pressure on myself to use all of my days off solely for the outdoors, just for the sake of getting out, I’m focusing on doing something I really want to do once per month. With that, I’m going to be showcasing those monthly adventures in a blog post, so you will definitely be seeing at least one blog post per month. I am going to be moving away from individual trip reports on hikes, just because I don’t find a lot of joy in it, and instead focus “trip reports” on “how-to’s” for certain, more popular, trips, and photo/ trip journals for trips that are not solely hiking. This is subject to change based on how I want to talk about a trip, and I may write some in a trip report format if I feel like that’s what it deserves.

In addition to the monthly activity update, I’m making it a goal of mine to post at least one gear review per month. So, let me know if you’re dying to hear a review from me about a piece of gear I use, and I’ll be sure to prioritize those items first.

I’m not ready to make a big announcement yet because of permit situations, and I haven’t officially talked to my managers at work about it, but I guarantee you, I will be doing another thru-hike this summer. It’s not going to be one of the big three, or anything international, but most likely the Colorado Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail, Wonderland Trail or High Sierra Trail. Or a combination of some of those. I do have the thru-hiking bug, so you can anticipate seeing a thru-hike every year from now on, with content related to planning, post-hike musings and lessons learned, and of course, a trail journal.

Finally, I do write this blog for myself, first and foremost, but I also write it for all of my readers (idk how many of you there are… but thanks for stopping by!). So, I do care about what you want to read from me. That being said, please contact me by e-mail, or comment here if there’s a certain type of content you want to see, or a certain advice piece, or anything really! And, if you are interested in seeing a print shop from me, definitely let me know, and let me know a photograph you’d like to see in it. A print shop can be a lot of work, and since I’m not pursuing photography full-time, I’m only going to put the effort into it if you all really want it!

Thanks again to everyone for following along on all of my adventures, commenting on Instagram pictures, and loving the outdoors with me!

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