A Winter Weekend in Yosemite

One of my goals when I moved back home was to visit Yosemite. And my goal once I saw Yosemite in the spring, was to see Yosemite in the winter. Specifically, to see Yosemite Valley blanketed in snow. My favorite Yosemite hiking buddy (my mom) and I were looking at our calendar after our last Yosemite trip in February and realized that only one weekend would work for us to re-visit Yosemite before I left for the PCT. And it just so happened that the biggest storm of the season ended up blowing through the Sierra the weekend we planned to go back. Needless to say, we were so excited to finally see Yosemite Valley in snow.

Once we got to the valley floor, we couldn't withhold our excitement. Checking into our cabin at Half Dome Village just had to wait.

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Because we drove into Yosemite early Saturday morning, we were starving, and knowing that we wouldn't be back in Yosemite for quite some time, we knew we needed to splurge on the breakfast buffet at the Ahwahnee. It was glorious, as always (why is the fruit so fresh at the Ahwahnee?! Like, its always sooo good and juicy and ripe). After breakfast, we walked the grounds, enjoying the powdery snow.

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After breakfast, we decided to just walk around the valley and enjoy all of the snow! It was so special being in the valley - a normally crowded place - when it was so empty. My mom and I agreed that snow seems to quiet everything, and walking around the valley with snow lightly falling was just so serene, so peaceful, and so beautiful.

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We had so much fun frolicking in the snow and seeing all of our favorite places with a sheet of white covering them. But soon enough, the snow started coming down harder, and it was getting colder and darker, so we headed for the shuttle to take us back to Half Dome Village so we could get our favorite make-your-own pizza from the cafeteria (its sausage, pineapple, mushrooms, and banana peppers, if you were wondering. And yes, we get this combo every time. We're creatures of habit). We were so exhausted from our early wake-up time and walking all day that we passed out at 8:00 pm.

The next morning we were on a sunrise-chasing mission and it was fabulous. It was 20 degrees F out, but there was not a cloud in the sky and the day could not have started any better.

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We ended our lovely snow-filled weekend with a little hike around Mirror Lake, aka the most crowded spot in Yosemite when it snows. Despite the number of people, it was beautiful and peaceful.

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I am so lucky to have the best mamma in the world who loves Yosemite and hiking as much as I do! It was so nice to have this weekend with her in our favorite place before I leave for the PCT. Next time I see you, Yosemite, I'll have walked 930 miles to get to you!

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