“Pacific Pines” to “Backcountry Emily”

Welcome to my new website! I’ve made lots of changes since the creation of pacificpines back in 2015 (if you’re new, you’re not missing much).

The biggest (outward) change is the name of the website! pacificpines was an homage to the fact that I live on the West Coast and I like pine trees *super creative*. Backcountry Emily came about by wanting to make it apparent that there’s a person behind this blog (me, Emily!) that loves to adventure (especially in the backcountry) and loves to help people. The content will be mostly the same, but with more fun stuff, and organized so much better thanks to switching hosting sites. You’ll get to see my photography (maybe have a chance to purchase prints in the future) and read about different excursions via my point of view and also with more objective information: stats, costs, logistics, and how-tos. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on gear, food, and backcountry “realisms”: I promise I won’t sugarcoat some things. 

For the next few weeks and months I’ll be cataloging some older trips that I never documented and adding new ones, as I have at least two backpacking trips before Thanksgiving. I hope to give some insight into my first pieces of gear as a newbie and how I’ve evolved my gear and packing lists as I’ve learned more. I’m also preparing for some bigger future things, and I’ll be posting about that in the months to come as well!

Thanks for checking out my site and reading this! Hope you stay tuned for more. If you want to ask me any questions, just scroll down and click the “contact” button and I’ll help you out! 

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